Booster pump EBARA model JEX-100 1.0HP380V tank200L


SKU : ฺBPJEX-100

For organizations, offices, hotels, home offices, resorts, apartments, hospitals, and industrial plants that use large amounts of water.

Brand : EBARA


Made to order products Takes 3-10 days to assemble. Support base: 3-inch steel gutter Size 80x120X125 cm.

PPR water pipe, size            2"
Pump EBARA JEX-100 1.0HP380V 2 units
Check valve                                            2 pieces
Diaphragm tank 200 liters                 1 piece
Pressure Switch  Pressure Switch      2 pieces
Oil pressure gauge                                 1 set

Electrical control cabinet to control water pump 1 set

Note  Note This price does not include installation fees.

Booster Pump, a pump set for automatic water delivery, consisting of Two multi-stage water pumps with 200 liter pressure tanks provide high pressure while saving more energy than systems using general centrifugal pumps. The pump works quietly and has little vibration. Does not disturb the sound while working Controlled by an electric control cabinet. and easy to maintain Complete with motor overload protection and out-of-phase power protection for three-wire models. Two water pumps switch operation. To extend the working life of each pump and be able to use them individually in case of maintenance. for continuous use In the case of using a large amount of water Two water pumps will work simultaneously. To maintain a continuously high water pressure level.

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